How it all came to be

The Blues Reincarnation Project is an American band formed in Newark, Delaware in March 2016. The current lineup includes Jeffrey Attakorah (guitar, vocals), Charlie Greaves (drums). and it's newest member, Dylan Walker (bass)

The band is influenced by three blues sub-genres: Blues Rock, British Blues, and Contemporary Blues.

Early History

Attakorah writes all songs from a personal observational viewpoint. His prowess on electric Fender belies his age and time in the public eye. Born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana, in West Africa, Attakorah followed his father to the United States when he was twelve years [and ten months]. After immersing himself in American music ranging from the Jonas Brothers to Disney classics, he purchased his first guitar in 2010 at the age of fourteen. A friend saw something in his passion, like all of his music teachers, pushed him to explore the blues and presented him with a used Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar. He practiced constantly to the point of wearing out the frets. He has since graduated to a wireless Fender which he plays with precision, heart, and showmanship. He is also studying the traditional Ghanaian music structure as he plays in different predominantly African churches.


The original band included Charlie Greaves on Drums and Ryan Gorman on bass and vocals. Greaves and Gorman met through mutual friends when Greaves joined the punk rock band The Checkered Heroes of which Gorman was the singer. Greaves’ family had moved to Newark from San Diego, CA. Gorman’s family relocated from Arizona to Bear, Delaware when he was age five. Attakorah and Greaves met and became friends in jazz and steel band ensembles. While still in high school, Greaves invited Attakorah to a Checkered Heroes performance where the three met for the first time.


2016: First Performance

The first performance of The Blues Reincarnation Project was in March 2016 at the former World Café Live venue in Wilmington, Delaware. The showcase was a popular weekly Gable Music Ventures series known as Wilmo Wednesdays. 


2017: First Release: “A Hint of Blues”

The band’s first release was the nine-song “A Hint of Blues.” The first single “Could Have Been Me” is a crowd-pleaser with its traditional plaintive blues structure. The record has a variety of original tunes that explore the range and depth of the genre.

The CD was recorded by Ray Gagliardino. Additional recording by Richie Rubino. Mixing and mastering by Ray Gagliardino and Joshua Dilorenzo respectively. CD Photography by Ryan's Partner, Brianna Quiñones. It is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other platforms. It is also available in CD format.

2018: "Who's The New Bassist?"

Earlier in the year,  Gorman resigned from his post as the bassist and vocalist of the band, leaving Attakorah to fulfill the role as the front-man of the band. While in desperate need of a full-time bassist, Isaac Moore, a local bassist stepped in as their interim bassist. Towards the end of the summer arrived Dylan Walker, a new up and coming bassist from the New Castle Delaware scene, well-versed in classic rock and traditional blues genre. Walker was born and raised in New Castle Delaware with family from the area as well, a true Delaware he is. He is a self-taught bassist who cut his teeth on the bass jamming with his Father and Brother who are both drummers in the local scene. Attakorah was introduced to Walker at the local 4W5 Blues Jam they both attend to jam with local Blues musicians. After the two got to talking, Attakorah brought him in for a jam with Greaves, and Walker accepted the offer to be full-time bassist in this very first band, The Blues Reincarnation Project. 

2019: Creeping our way "Outside of this town"

With Dylan Walker established at the band's full-time bassist, the trio was back on their feet, armed with their instruments and ready to take on unexplored territories. The boys got their first show in Hammonton, New Jersey and during the rest of the year expanded to places like Philadelphia and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The boys faced some adversities, mainly, stolen pedalboard, which is very essential to the band's sound. Tim Ward, along with Jim Martin, Central Delaware Blues Society, local musicians and blues fans all came together to raise funds towards replacing the stolen gear. The boys went one to compete in two International Blues Competition, and even without the win, won the hearts of many fans and spectators.

Glory Gigs:

2016: New Castle County Ice Cream Festival (June), Red, White, and Blues Festival (July), Kent Massive (September), etc.

2017: WVUD Battle of the Bands, Winner (March), Bubba's Battle of the Bands, 2nd place (May), Newark Night (June), Roadhouse Blues Fest (July), Riverfront Blues Festival (August), etc.

2018: Kennett Flash w/ Jane Lee Hooker (January), Delaware Music Festival (March), Blue Earl's Food Truck Throwdown (August) Arden Fair (September), 4th Annual Blues Soul Festival (October), Steal Your Peach at The Queen! (November)

2019:  Blues N’ Brews at Uptown! (February), Delaware Music Festival (April), Camp Jam in the Pines - Spring (May), Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Festival (June), Red, White and Blues Fest (July), Kennett Flash w/ Heather Gillis (July), 25th Annual People's Fest (July), Connective Festival - First Friday (August), Wilmington Riverfront Blues Festival (August), Camp Jam in the Pines - Fall (September)

Current Band Members

Jeffrey Attakorah - guitar, vocals (right)

Charlie Greaves - drums (middle)

Dylan Walker - bass (left)

Click here to get to know the band-mates more:


  • Could Have Been Me - Single (2017)

  • A Hint of Blues (2017)

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The Blues Reincarnation Project

Meet the current Band

Jeffrey Attakorah

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 Hometown - Kumasi, Ghana

Birthday - April 6th

3 Music Influences - Buddy Guys, Freddie King and Eric Gales

Favorite Album (at the moment) - Eric Gales: A Night on the Sunset Strip (Live) [Deluxe Edition]

Dream gig/venue - Royal Albert Hall, London England 

Charlie Greaves

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 Hometown - San Diego, California

Birthday - August 12th

3 Music Influences - Nate Smith, Led Zeppelin, Snarky Puppy

Favorite Album (at the moment) - Snarky Puppy: We Like It Here

Dream gig/venue - Isle of Wight Festival 

Dylan Walker

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 Hometown - New Castle, Delaware

Birthday - March 2nd

3 Music Influences - Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Stevie Ray Vaughn

Favorite Album (at the moment) - Queen: A Night at the Opera

Dream gig/venue - Madison Square Garden, New York